A well-built fence has functional and aesthetic purposes that increase the value of a house. It provides security and privacy to the property. It also acts as a windbreaker to protect your property from a serious damage due to an undesirable environmental condition.

But like the other areas of your house, a fence’s sturdy condition may deteriorate over time. The lifespan varies depending on the type of materials used. Yet, it must be replaced if fence repair is not possible.

However, the battle between replacing and repairing it becomes difficult as a homeowner. If you’re in this situation, read the helpful tips below to guide you on your decision.

Percentage of panels or pickets

Before you decide to replace your fence, ask a contractor to estimate the percentage of panels or pickets to be replaced. If it’s below 20 percent, take the cheaper option — fence repair. However, if the affected panels and pickets are above 20 percent, it’s the best time for fence replacement.

Replacement parts not available

Vinyl fence and aluminum fence are durable. It has a longer lifespan than wood. But if you take good care of your wood fence, it can also last for decades.

However, an old fence may have parts that are not available today especially when it was constructed for several decades. If you can’t find the right parts that can replace the original materials, fence replacement is an option.

Unfit to your current needs

One of the turning points in deciding whether to replace or repair your fence is its appropriateness to the current necessity of your family. Because your needs changes, the structure of your fence may not be appropriate to your current lifestyle. The addition of a new child in the family may get your attention to improve the privacy of your home. Your fence may not be secured enough to guard your child so it’s time to replace it. It’s important to increase the security level of the fence because you can’t control the environment outside your house. You’ll never know when your neighbor’s dog enter your property. In another perspective, if you have a dog, you want to prevent it from escaping. You don’t want to pay for the damage it causes to your neighbor.

Warning signs

It’s undisputable that fence repair is cheaper than fence replacement. However, you may end up replacing it if you’re not checking your fence regularly. You must observe a regular maintenance so you’ll find out right away if the fence has damages. Discoloration is one of the common signs of fence damage. You may also notice splintering and warping, which can be fixed through the repair. You must employ an extra care for the wood fence because it’s more prone to damage than other materials. Staining, sealing and exterminating for insects are the common practices for wood maintenance. For vinyl type, washing the dirt through water is the easiest way to maintain it in good condition. If you’re still unsure whether to replace or repair the fence, call a professional fence contractor.

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