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Wood Fence


We remove unwanted branches and improve tree structure

Metal Fence


Be it aluminum, iron, or steel, we can give your home the aesthetic you want

Commercial Fence


The sheer size and various shapes of many of commercial fences will not be a problem for us

Temporary Fence


We offer temporary fences for when you may have a special event or for whatever purpose you have


As a residential fence company in Austin, we make sure to always consider our client’s preferences. Since every client will want different kinds of projects from us, we make sure to keep a close relationship with them to keep them updated with every decision we may make.

When it comes to fence installations, finding a fence that provides a good look, offers safety, and most of all, fits your budget, might be a tedious task. But here at Austin Fence Contractor, we can give you just that. It does not even matter to us whether our clients know anything about fences in general. We have prepared to provide suggestions depending on our client’s preferences.

That said, we would be glad to send our team to check on your property for a personal assessment. While they are at it, they would be more than happy to discuss with you in person whatever your vision for your project is. When it comes to discussion, we highly emphasize the proper communication to avoid any misunderstandings. Every detail will be discussed so don’t hesitate to ask us about anything.

Our lines are open for your personal concerns or inquiries. We can even provide you a quote for your requested project. Whether it is a small quick project or a large and long-term one, we are always up for the task.

Welding Iron Fence


Fence installation can be quite expensive but that does not always have to be the case. The materials we use are of high quality. While the best quality usually translates to high costs, we offer cheaper alternatives without sacrificing much quality. Our professionals will surely be able to make up for it.

The methods we use are very efficient so that you would not have to worry about paying for many processes. Even when hired for a rush project, we price our services fairly. We make it a point to explain to our clients where their money will be spent on.

While our services are generally cheaper compared to most others, this does not automatically mean we give poor quality. After all, our client’s satisfaction is what continually drives us to keep moving forward.

Availing our services is definitely the bang for your buck. Not only do you get a transparent and hassle-free fence installation, but you get that with a price that will surely fit your budget. Call us now to get a quote on your project and see for yourself.

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