Man Fence Repair


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Wood Fence


We repair bad pickets while saving the entire fence

Chain Link Fence


We repair traditional and black vinyl link chain to keep the privacy in your property

Steel Fence


Our steel fence repair provides a durable and elegant fencing

Vinyl Fence


Vinyl fence is durable but when affected by storm, we repair it for you


At Austin Fence Contractor, we take pride in our fair-priced service that our loyal clients receive. We cover simple to complicated repair projects quoted at the right price. To achieve an honest billing, we provide you a custom-fit price based on the result we gather during the inspection stage.

As a go-to fence repair company, you can count on us even on a rush project. Don’t hesitate to call us if you want a quick fix especially after the storm. We understand that you want your fence to be functional again. Whether you want to protect your property or you want to avoid your pets to escape, we treat the cases with urgency. If you have a child at home, we work with extra care.

Yet, we work beyond your expectations. Because we can adapt to your unusual requests. We see your unconventional demand as a challenge and a new learning for us. So, even we find it hard to achieve, we push our limits to give you an awesome result. We can make things happen.

We are confident to take every repair cases because we have a dedicated team to deal with it. We work hard until we complete the project — on time. We never miss a deadline. We show up on every schedule we set because we understand that you hate delays.

Our dedicated team is trained to deliver on time. The knowledge they acquired from training help them work with efficiency. They are also equipped with the right tools to finish the repair quickly.

At Austin Fence Contractor, we value the importance of our initial meeting. It’s the best time for us to understand your needs and your desired result. We listen to every detail of your request so we can ensure that we’re working on the same page. We want you to work with us with ease.

To keep our meeting useful, we prefer to have an onsite assessment of your fence. We want to see the condition of your fence so we can evaluate if we can repair everything. As much as possible, we want to save your original fence rather than replacing it. However, if it’s necessary, we give you the options that fit your budget.

We provide you our accurate and honest suggestions so you’ll get the best repair service from our company. No false-promises — only clarity and transparency.

Damaged Fence


We ensure that you’ll experience a no-stress process as we run each phase with strategic plans. Each project milestone is well documented so you’ll see the completed project and the tasks to be accomplished.

We handle the stress for you. We do it through careful planning so we’ll not miss any details during the repair project. We provide proper treatment for the wood fence so the problems will not happen again. We don’t just repair your fence, we think for the long-term so you’ll avoid another repair project.

If you’re too busy to check our work, let us know. We’re more than happy to provide you the reports you need. We also include a warranty for our post-project service. Because we aim to give you a stress-free service even after we delivered the output. At Austin Fence Contractor, we guarantee you a dedicated service at all times.

Fence Worker


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