Man Fence Replacement


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Solid Fence


An enclosed fence provides privacy for your property, which varies in style

Spaced Picket Fence


Define boundaries through spaced picket fence while giving you a surrounding view

Shadow Box Fence


A neighbor-friendly shadowbox fence gives you a well-air-circulated property

Fence Post Support


Post and support keep the fence sturdy


We at Austin Fence Contractor operate with a license to meet the state’s standards. Because each fence project is different, we comply with the guidelines to keep your property functional and your family safe. We keep our company updated to the new announcements so we can provide you the latest offer in the industry.

At Austin Fence Contractor, we’re proud to say that we have a license. It matters a lot to our company especially to our clients. Because a licensed company provides you a transparent service that protects you from disputes due to serious problems.

As we comply with the state’s standards, we keep our financial transactions documented so you can use it for your reference. We audit it regularly so we won’t bill you for duplicate charges. We ensure that you get the correct invoice before you pay for the service.

As a licensed Austin fencing company, we cover the safety of our workers. We ensure that they have an insurance that protects them during accidents or injuries. We won’t let you pay for the expenses that our company must handle.

We provide you our legitimate address to ensure that you can visit our company when you need assistance. But we keep our lines open during work hours so we can immediately answer your concerns. We understand the stress that fly-by-night companies give clients. We ensure that you’ll never experience it with our company. Call us today and check for yourself.


We are more than happy to meet you in person. We love to talk to you about your project because it helps us communicate better. But if you prefer to get a quote prior to the discussion, send us a message.

We value communication to the success of our fence replacement projects. Because we understand that a well-collaborated project leads us to the right direction. It avoids the unnecessary adjustments that may affect the entire output. We appreciate if you give us a clear picture of your desired result. It helps us deliver the project based on the timeline you provide us.

Cutting Steel Fence

But before we get into the core of the project, we assess your property. We want to know the right materials for your fence. If you have the desired material in mind, we check if it’s suitable to the condition of your environment. We also need to understand the placement of the fence and if it blends to the architectural structure of your home or the landscaping of your property.

Steel Fence Welding

We check the local zoning laws and the underground utilities to avoid problems that may affect your neighbors. We ensure that the project has necessary permits directed by the building permit code.

At Austin Fence Contractor, we value your trust. So, we ensure that we meet the standards to protect you from future problems. It’s our goal to provide a safe place to live.

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